The Kamerar VF-4 Plus LCD Viewfinder is a great value AND a great solution for video shooters.

The eyecup can be reversed for either left or right eye operation and offers an additional point of contact for more stable shooting.

No sticky frames or magnets here … it attaches to your camera with a quick release baseplate.

This 3.2″ viewfinder is compatible with a wide variety of cameras with front to back, horizontal as well as vertical adjustments

The 3x power magnifying loupe has a built-in, adjustable diopter offering precise focusing for your vision.

Also very handy is the ability to flip the loupe out of the way … the angled hood works great as a sunshade.

The shallow design allows for easy access to cameras with touchscreen controls — like this EOS-M from Canon.

As with any loupe, you must avoid direct sunlight thru the viewfinder – it can damage your LCD … in order to solve this problem, simply engage the lens cover with this sliding switch when not in use.

While the baseplate can be mounted directly on your tripod with either 1/4 20 or 3/8 holes, the VF-4 Plus has been redesigned and modified to fit the Manfrotto 501 QR plate.

This is a great feature, one that makes purchasing this viewfinder a no-brainer.

All in all — a great looking, excellent performing addition to your DSLR Kit.

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Check out their website kamerar.com for more information.

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New Budget-Minded HDSLR Accessories

We just picked up a couple of new products, inexpensive yet functional.

One is an upgraded dovetail plate for the Manfrotto 577 Quick Release.

As you may know by now, we are big fans of any new gear designed around our Manfrotto 501/577 QR system.

The new Manfrotto style dovetail plate from SmallRig is a whooping 9 inches long, more than twice the length of the Manfrotto 501P-Long …. which measures a bit over 4″.

The SmallRig 1460 includes both ¼-20 and 3/8 mounting options and has a taller profile — which allows for a better grip with the 577.

This is a great solution in situations where you need to mount something with two bolts for a more secure fit … or for balancing camcorders, or cameras with a long lens on a tripod.

Here we are using it to mount a rig onto a tripod. The 2 bolts prevent any twisting. And, the long length provides flexibility in balancing the weight of the rig as well.

It also comes in handy when you need to balance a long lens. You are no longer forced to mount the lens with a QR plate; you can just slide the entire camera back to the correct position.

Also handy are the 1/4 20 threaded holes on both front and back ends of the plate … great for mounting accessories

Next, we picked up a very inexpensive shoulder pad.

The SmallRig 1485 is built to accommodate the standard 15mm rail

It comes with a removable foam cushion, very comfortable for long periods of shooting. The rail block features threaded, ¼-20 holes for accessories.

Made out of aluminum and weighing in at a half pound, this lightweight shoulder pad features a lightweight price — just $52. You can’t beat that!

Check out their website coollcd.com for more information.

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We recently purchased several new accessories that have just been released.

The SmallRig EVF Holder 1431, 1402, and the SmallRig HDMI Lock – all from coollcd.com.

The EVF Holder 1431 Horizontal Nato Clamp is designed to provide flexibility in positioning your monitor.

With 4 locking pivot points, it can adjust to virtually any position you may need. The mounting rail is designed to accommodate multiple positions.

And – with a solid lock on any NATO rail – this EVF holder is not going to fall off your rig.

If you don’t use a NATO accessory rail, coollcd.com sells an adapter which can easily mount the EVF holder with ¼ 20 bolts … here, we are using the SmallRig NATO rail to mount it on a P&C Swiss Rod.

Also new from coollcd.com is the SmallRig EVF Mount 1402 with a vertical NATO mount. More compact than the 1431 EVF holder, this accessory allows you to mount your EFV on a vertical NATO rail.

Both the 1431 and 1402 are sold with cold shoe mounts — rather than the NATO style.

And … Both of these EVF mounts can be used instead to mount other HDSLR accessories to your rig.

Finally, we are excited to find a new accessory designed around the Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect Adapter … SmallRig HDMI Lock. This neat little all metal clamp bolts onto the side of the Manfrotto 577 and locks in your HDMI cable. With so many of us using the Manfrotto 577, we are glad to see manufacturers like SmallRig develop 3rd party solutions based upon this quick release system.

Check out their website coollcd.com for more information.

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Several new pieces of HDSLR gear were recently announced on coollcd.com.

First off, the SmallRig 1277 Quick Release Baseplate is compact in size and durable in build quality.

And for a few dollars more, you can select their 1280 dovetail option which incorporates a QR plate shaped like the Manfrotto 501 … this will allow you to attach the unit directly onto a Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connector.

So if you currently use the Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect Connector … or if you own a Manfrotto monopod, ballhead, or fluid head which incorporates this system, the SmallRig baseplate will seamlessly attach and provide a rock sold foundation for your rig.

The 15mm rails are threaded on both ends allowing you to extend the length if necessary.

The rails are 12″ long … more than enough length to install a follow focus and matte box.

A wing nut handle “ratchets” for easy tightening … and you can rotate them to any final position you want.

We especially like is this release tab located on the back of the QR plate, which allows you to quickly slide your camera out of the rig.

And, the anti-twist feature securely locks your camera in place.


Another new piece of gear just released is the SmallRig 1290 DSLR Cage.

The interior height is 130 mm …. or a little over 5″.

The cage attaches to the front of the baseplate — with two recessed, hex head bolts.

It includes a number of 1/4-20 and 3/8 threaded holes for attaching accessories.

The open design is unique compared to other cages, providing quick and easy access to your camera.

And the top safety rail is compatible with QR cage handles or traditional, bolted handles.

These are two well designed, well built pieces of gear.

Check out their website coollcd.com for more information.

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